When searching for products and services using Google, there are often several text-based adverts that appear above the standard search results. These adverts are paid for by companies to ensure that their website is given priority over others.

We can get your website to page 1 of Google organically. We can also help you achieve priority over your competitors by helping you with Google Adwords.

How much Google Adwords costs depends on how popular the words relating to your business are. Keywords such as “Electrician Hull ” will be competitive as there are many electricians in Hull  who want to have the top advert. It is only the highest bidder that will be top and this could cost several pounds per click.

However, if you were bidding on much more specific keywords such as “French Restaurant Hull” it is unlikely many businesses would also be competing for these keywords. A bid of £1 would likely get you the top advert space. How far a budget goes depends entirely on what keywords you are bidding on.

Please contact us if you feel that Google Adwords is the right next step for your business.

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