We hope that this very simple blog helps you with planning your Social Media, advertising and gaining leads to your website.

Assuming that your business website has been designed to bring you visitors and convert many of your visitors into customers this very simple guide should help you and if so you should read on.

1. Sort out your website first

A simple, and the most effective, way to create a lead funnel is to start on your website and then work backwords.
Decide, and this is the most important part, what you want your customers to do. Do you want them to fill in a contact form, do you want them to check out a special offer, do you want them to see a new service that you want to promote and so on?

2. Your Website Page Optimisation and Conversion

Based on the above the most time and effort should be spent on your website converting the customers that arrive into possible sales. You will need to decide whether this is a page on your website, a news post (blog) or even better a specially designed landing page for your promotion.

Ensure that the calls to action are clear and work. You should have many clear calls to action. Please do lots of work on this part as it is the most important part of your promotion and is the bit that most business websites get wrong. There is much more we could write here.

3. Your Social Media

If you have all of that sorted you can now set up your Social Media posts as you now have something to link to when you create your Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram posts and so on. You can introduce your blog, new page, service landing page etc which is full of up-to-date content with lots of calls to action. You might even have a video or a special offer code.

4. Your Online Advertising

You might want to pay to promote your link on search engines such as Google or Social Media such as Facebook advertising. And if you have done all of the above properly you will be able to monitor the traffic and conversions to the page and contacts that you originally planned to promote. Doing all of the above will save you lots of money when advertising online.

If you would like more help with this funneling malarkey and organising your business website, social media or online advertising do get in touch and we will do a good job selling our services.